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The creative arts are a very important part of life and worship at West Hills Christian School. Music plays an important role in the total learning experience of a child.  Psalm 33:3 encourages us to sing and play skillfully. Musical activities will build basic skills in the main elements of music- melody, rhythm, harmony, tone color and form.

Yearly Major Musical Productions

Grades K-6 take part in a major production once a year:

  • Kindergarten students perform at their graduation ceremony.
  • Grades 1-2 perform a Spring Concert.
  • Grades 3-4 perform the Patriotic program.
  • Grades 5-6 perform a Christmas concert.

These concerts are perfect opportunities to invite friends and family to visit our wonderful school. All performances are led by our Music Director, Mrs. Robin Brumley.

You are invited to experience our amazing music programs throughout the year. See our full music schedule for upcoming events or click here to view the Music program’s website.

Crusader Chorale, Singing Group

The purpose of Crusader Chorale is to glorify God through song. Our objectives include practicing worship, strengthening musical skills, ministering through performance, and experiencing fellowship together. This group is open to committed students in Grades 5-6. Chorale runs fall and spring sessions and will be featured at school concerts, ACSI and community events including a holiday concert at Christmas and other productions throughout the year. All performances are led by our Music Director, Mrs. Robin Brumley. Please visit the Music website for more information.

Band & Jazz Ensemble

The band program is open to students in Grades 4-8.  The primary goal of band is to develop the entire musician and to cultivate musical talent that can be used for the glory of God throughout his/her lifetime.

Beginning band is for students who have never played an instrument.  This covers such fundamentals as how to hold the instrument properly and achieve correct sounds.  Advanced Band and Jazz Ensemble are for those students who have had at least one year experience with an instrument and are taught music theory, ear training, conducting and music appreciation. Students participate in three concerts and one festival each year. Band performances are led by our Band Director, Mrs. Sally Kuhns. Please visit the Bands website for more information.


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