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Back Row: Charlene Stefan Kindergarten teacher, Jennifer Muramoto Kindergarten Aide, Gail Heinen Kindergarten teacherMiddle Row: Esther Godaert Aide, Chris Walter 1st Grade teacher, Wendie Stronach Aide, Carrie Roberts Aide, Ann Westerberg Aide

Front Row: Megan Davis 2nd Grade teacher, Karen Brown 1st Grade teacher, Cecilia Clay Spanish teacher, Kristy Piedra 2nd Grade teacher

Our K-2 School is based on the belief that we are nurturing God’s children. Students develop a strong foundation in academic, social, and emotional skills in these grades. Young children learn through exploring, building, and creating. Our curriculum supports their desire for collaboration and interactivity. Our teachers thoughtfully design the daily curriculum to nurture each child’s mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual growth.

Nurturing Environments, Foundational Learning

Students in grades K-2 go on field trips, have library time, attend science and computer labs, participate in physical education, art, Spanish and music classes. The classrooms provide a caring atmosphere where children are able to develop to the full potential of their imagination and ingenuity. Students write daily; they brainstorm, draft, and revise their work to produce stories, letters, reports and poetry. Students take a variety of day field trips, such as attending plays at the NW Children’s Theater, Symphony, and Pumpkin Patch.

Critical thinking skills are introduced at this level as well. In every subject from science to social studies, students are encouraged to ask questions, to investigate, and to come to their own conclusions with the guidance of our excellent, caring teachers. Specialists in art, music, science, computers and physical education round out our full-spectrum curriculum.

Apply for a Place

Applications for K-2 grades begin in October. Placement will be determined by a number of factors; returning students will be accepted first, and then additional students. Kindergarten placement secures a place for the following year.

Grades K-2 Staff List
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