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How To Apply
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If you feel West Hills Christian School is a good fit for your child and your family, the next step is to apply for placement. Once we have received your application, we will seek a confidential reference from your child’s current school and church, inviting them to take part in an assessment interview. West Hills Christian School encourages families to begin the application process by October 1 for the following school year. The application must be completed, and supplemental application forms downloaded, completed and submitted before consideration. A non-refundable fee of $75 must be submitted with each application.

Apply Online

We encourage families to apply online as it simplifies submission and provides parents a tool for tracking online the status of their application after it has been submitted.

To Apply Online: Apply Online Now

Other Forms

Paper Enrollment Application Form

Church Reference Form

Confidential Educator Recommendation kindergarten

Confidential Educator Recommendation grades 1_8

Our Admissions Process

There are three important steps in the admissions process. You will find links to the forms and information that you need listed below. If you have any questions throughout the process, contact Julie Smith, Admissions Coordinator, at 503-977-5509

Fax 503-245-4780

Step One: Activate Your Application

To activate your application file, the school office must receive the following items:

A. Enrollment Application:

(One per child) Applications are accepted beginning October 1 for the following school year. A student’s Enrollment Application should be submitted as soon as possible. The Pastor and Educator Reference forms may be submitted separately.
Download: Enrollment Application Form

B. Application fee:

Application fee is $75.00 per child. Checks can be made out to West Hills Christian School and should be turned in with the hard copy application.

C. Completed Church Reference Form:

(One per child) The Church Reference Form may be completed by the Senior Pastor, Sunday School Teacher, Children’s Ministry Director, or anyone at your church who knows and works with your child.
Download: Church Reference Form

D. Completed Educator Reference Form:

(One per child) The Educator Reference Form is usually completed by your child’s current teacher. If your child is not enrolled in preschool or is home-schooled, the Educator Reference Form will not be required.

Confidential Educator Recommendation kindergarten

Confidential Educator Recommendation grades 1_8

E. Test Results:

Please submit copies of any standardized testing scores and any IEP (Individualized Education Plan) reports to the office prior to your interview with the Principal if your child will be entering 2nd-8th grade.

Step Two: Consideration for Admission

After the school has received the items from Step One, the following must take place:

A. Entrance Exam:

All students applying for admission to West Hills Christian School must take an entrance exam. The purpose of this test is to determine whether the students are academically prepared for the grade level for which they are applying. These test scores are not used for priority placement into West Hills Christian School.
Individual testing appointments will be scheduled for each child applying to West Hills Christian School. The Admissions Coordinator will call you to schedule an appointment after receiving your child’s completed enrollment application and application fee.

B. Parent/Principal Interview:

The next step in the admission process is the Parent/Principal interview. Interview appointments will be scheduled after the Admissions Coordinator has received the Enrollment Application, Application Fee, Pastor Reference, Educator Reference, and the entrance exam (completed during visit).

Step Three: Notification

A.The Opening:

Applications are then held according to grade level until it is determined what openings are available in each grade. Because re-registration for families currently enrolled at West Hills Christian School is held in January, we will not know the number of openings for each grade until February. Applications will be reviewed by a Board Subcommittee, and the openings will be filled accordingly.

B. Letter of Confirmation:

A confirmation letter will be sent to all applicants by the first week of March to notify them if admission has been granted. Applications for students beyond the number we are able to accept will be placed in a waiting pool.

C. Waiting Pool:

We maintain a waiting pool, not a numbered waiting list. Several factors are considered when an opening occurs, and an applicant is offered placement in any given grade. Among the factors are date of application and siblings who are attending or applying for entrance.

D. Late Application:

Applications received after January 31, will be taken on a first come first served basis. Notwithstanding, all requirements for admission must still be met by each family member applying.

If you have not taken a tour of our school, schedule a tour today.  Call Julie Smith, Admissions Coordinator, at 503-977-5509 with any additional questions.