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2014-2015 6th Grade Art Project

Art Literacy is a volunteer program based on individual classroom presentations followed by a hands-on project. Students are introduced to art elements and principles by learning to read an artist’s work. Through this, students become aware of art, appreciate all different kinds of art, and are exposed to different cultures and time periods. We need at least two parent volunteers for each classroom. All volunteers will get together to learn about the “Artist of the Month” and do a practice “hands-on project” before taking it into the classroom. You will be given all the materials you will need.  You do not need to have any artistic talent, just a love of art.

Interested in joining our team?  Email us:

This Year’s Artists

Albrecht Durer

Japanese Art History Presentation

Local Artist Feature

Navajo Baskets

More About Art Lit At West Hills

Each year we depend solely on donations to continue the Art Literacy program at West Hills.  Without proper funding the program will not be able to continue.  We have a wonderful group of volunteers who put hands and feet to this program and are asking for your support to continue to introduce your children to artists and advance their love for art.

The average cost per student is $10 per year.  This is an average; it can vary depending on projects chosen.  Included in this amount is a 6th grade “gift” of art to the school.  In previous years 6th graders painted the fish that hang on the fence around the playground.  As of last year we have brought art back inside the school, our first piece is hanging in the hallway headed toward the 5/6 wing of the building.  We are in stages of completion for this year’s 6th grade project.  It will be unveiled the beginning of the next school year.  Of any Art Literacy donation received, 100% goes toward materials costs.  You can imagine with larger donations a more substantial investment in materials can be made and the possibilities become endless!

To make a donation you can drop a check or cash to WHCS but it must say in the memo section or on the envelope that it is an “Art Literacy” donation.  Online donations are accepted as well!

Please consider supporting your child’s artistic and cultural growth by donating.

We hope this helps you start a dialogue with your child about art and how it can be appreciated by all of us, practicing artists or just artists at heart!

Out And About with Art Lit

This will list local spots you can see some artists we have studied in the West Hills Art Lit program.  More info TBA!!

Art for West Hills and Beyond…

This will contain links to photos of our students working on their art pieces as well as the 6th Grade pieces done in previous years.  More info TBA!!

Links for Art Lit Volunteers

Volunteer Training Dates for 2015-16

Materials Checkout Calendar

Displaying/Mounting Artwork Instructions

Volunteer Sample Forms

Durer Lesson and Slide Detail

Durer Presentation

Japanese Art History

Japanese Art Slide Detail

Japanese Art History Lesson