The academic mission of West Hills Christian School is to maintain the highest standards of academic excellence rooted in a Christian and Biblical point of view. It is to ensure all students are prepared for success and equipped to lead lives of integrity and influence for Christ. Curriculum is reviewed and selected each year by the leadership team and senior faculty.


Kindergarten – Grade 6: Bible Purposeful Design
Grade 4: Young Peacemakers
Grade 7: Character Quest, Study of John and Mark
Grade 8: The Case For Faith, Life of David, Book of Proverbs, World Religions


Grades K-6: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2016 Go Math
Grade 7: Pre-Algebra, Mathematics Course 2
Grade 8: Pre-Algebra, Algebra


Kindergarten – Grade 3: Open Court
Grades 4-6: Treasures
Grade 7: Exodus Chapters 1-15, Poetry, Short stories, Mythology
Grade 8: Various novel studies, Poetry, Short stories


Kindergarten – 2 Grade Writing without Tears
Kindergarten – Grade 6: 6+1 Traits of Writing
Grades 7-8: Writer’s Choice


Kindergarten: Scholastic Science Spin
Grade 1-6: Discovery Works
Grade 7: Life Science for Christian Schools
Grade 8: Space and Earth Science

Social Studies

Kindergarten: Scholastic Let’s Find Out
Grade 1: Scholastic News
Grade 2: Open Court
Grade 3: Our American Heritage
Grade 4: Get Oregonized, Going Along with Lewis & Clark
Grade 5: Old World History and Geography, Heritage Studies 6
Grade 6: New World History and Geography
Grade 7: History of the World
Grade 8: American, Land I Love


Kindergarten – Grade 2: Open Court, Wired for Reading
Grades 3-6: Sitton Spelling, Wired for Reading


Kindergarten – Grade 1: Open Court
Grade 2: Language Fundamentals
Grades 3-6: Easy Grammar
Grades 7-8: Writer’s Choice


Kindergarten – Grade 6: Big Book Unit
Grades 1-6: Risas y Sonrisas Spanish for Kids
Grades 7-8: Realidades


Kindergarten – Grade 6: Share the Music


Kindergarten – Grade 6: Wide variety of library picture and chapter books


Grade 7: Five day trips around the Northwest
Grade 8: Seven-day trip to Washington, D.C.