Enrichment Classes


West Hills Christian School incorporates ten weeks of art class instruction for Kindergarten through 6th grade.  Each grade level explores the elements and principles of art, dabbles between art mediums; drawing, painting, printmaking, and fibers, and introduces students to artists and art movements.  

Students are taught and encouraged to problem solve and work collaboratively as they manipulate various art materials to create their masterpieces.  All student artwork is displayed at the end of each grade levels’ trimester.


Students in grades 7th & 8th, are offered the opportunity to participate in the Art Elective class which meets during the fall and winter trimesters.  Students attend art class twice a week for a 10 week trimester.  The Art elective class provides art instruction in acrylic painting, drawing and sculpture, and assists students in communicating their ideas through the art making process and end products.


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Our beautiful library is more than a home for books. It is a gathering place where stories come to life. We like to think of our Library as the school’s living room. We strive to give the students a place that they feel at home. We want our Library times to inspire a love of reading and learning in all of its forms. In addition to learning about books and how to use a Library, students are given the opportunity to take part in activities through our Makerspace center. Makerspace is a movement that is bringing STEAM activities and creativity into Libraries across the country. Please join us for library times or visit the Library Catalog with over 13,000 books. WHCS Library Website

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Music is an important part of life at West Hills Christian School. K-6 General Music activities build basic skills in the main elements of music. Music terminology, history, appreciation, performances, as well as praise and worship are woven into the experience. Every elementary student takes part in a major production once a year. 7th & 8th grade elective classes provide quality performance groups for our older students. The outstanding extra curricular music opportunities, including Chorale, Bands and the Spring Musical have large numbers of student participants.

Click here to view the Music program’s website for dates & further information.
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Our Physical Education program at West Hills Christian School teaches students the importance of maintaining a healthy body for God’s glory. Physical Education classes are offered twice a week for kindergarten through 8th grade. Our curriculum is designed to help students learn a variety of motor skills, develop endurance, strength, and coordination, play organized games, build teamwork and learn the value of good sportsmanship. In addition, students are taught the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle that leads to lifelong fitness.

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West Hills Christian School has a fully equipped science lab staffed by a Science lab Teacher who prepares labs for grades K-8 . Students from kindergarten through grade 8 are in the lab on a weekly basis. The classroom teacher and the lab teacher work as a team in the lab to present hands on labs that enhance the science curriculum used in the classrooms. Students enthusiastically learn to work cooperatively and learn how to use lab equipment safely  and properly. Hands on means your student will be “doing science” and connecting it with the world around us to become good stewards and decision makers in this world our God has created.

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The Spanish program at West Hills allows students to build the fundamental base for developing a strong understanding of a foreign language. Students take part in Spanish class twice a week for thirty minutes in their home classroom. During class, students learn Spanish vocabulary and phrases, while concurrently developing cultural understanding and competency. Taking part in songs, skits, games, and activities, students become familiar with the Spanish language while having fun in a unique bicultural classroom environment.

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