Faculty & Staff

Excellent teachers are essential for an outstanding school. West Hills Christian School is fortunate to have the resources to recruit and retain first class teachers who can bring out the best in every child. Our faculty members are certified, excellent educators and committed Christians.

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Andrew, Lisa.jpgAndrew, Lisa (Lisa.Andrew@whcs.org)

Position: Physical EducationAthletics Website
Background: University of Oregon, BS in Exercise and Movement Science, Psychology. George Fox University, MA in Teaching
At WHCS since 2010

Balsiger, Melissa (Melissa.Balsiger@whcs.org)

Position: 7th/8th Grade Administrative Assistant
7th/8th Grade General Information Website
8th Grade Wash., D.C. Website
Background: Oregon State University, BA in Business
At WHCS since 2005

bates-allisonBates, Allison (Allison.Bates@whcs.org)

Position: Art Teacher

Background: Houghton College, BA in Fine Arts, minor in Education.  Nazareth College, Post Baccalaureate in Art Education

At WHCS since 2016

Becker, Laurie (Laurie.Becker@whcs.org)

Position: Accounting Specialist 
At WHCS since 2002

Berkman, Susan (Susan.Berkman@whcs.org)

Position: Educational Tutor
Background: Stanford University, BA in Anthropology
University of California Berkeley, MA in Early Childhood Education
At WHCS since 1978

 Brooks, Joe (Joe.Brooks@whcs.org)

Position: 7th-8th Grade
Background: Oregon State University, BS in Economics
George Fox University, MEd
At WHCS since 1984

Brumley, Robin (Robin.Brumley@whcs.org)

Position: Music DirectorMusic Website
Background: Linfield College, BA in Music Education
At WHCS since 2003

cloutier-pamelaCloutier, Pamela (Pamela.Cloutier@whcs.org)

Position: 7th-8th Grade
Background: Corban University, BS in Language Arts Education; Western Oregon University, MS in Education
At WHCS since 2016

Danhof, Lois  (Lois.Danhof@whcs.org)

Position: 7th-8th Grade
Background: Dordt College, BA in Elementary Education and Physical Education
At WHCS since 1992

Davis, Jannice (Jannice.Davis@whcs.org)

Position: 3rd Grade
Background: Linfield College, BS in Education
At WHCS since 1996

Davis, Megan  (Megan.Davis@whcs.org)

Position: 2nd Grade
Background: Seattle Pacific University, BA in Education and Family Studies
At WHCS since 2013

Davis, Meralee Meralee.Davis@whcs.org

Position: Copy Center
Background: Washington State University, BA Communications / Public Relations
At WHCS since 2013

deBra’, Becky (Becky.debra@whcs.org)

Position: Librarian, Literacy Coach
Background: Western Oregon University, BA in Elementary Education
At WHCS since 2003

DeLuca, BritneyDeLuca, Britney (Britney.DeLuca@whcs.org)

Position: Director of Admissions and Advancement
Background: Portland State University of Oregon, BS in Liberal Arts, Minor in Communications
At WHCS since 2015

Fischer, Amy (Amy.Fischer@whcs.org)

Position: 7th-8th Grade
Background: Westmont College, BA in English
Willamette University, MA in Teaching
At WHCS 1993-96, since 2006
Fisk, Sharon (Sharon.Fisk@whcs.org)

Position: Director of Academic Services

Background: Central Washington State University, BA in Education
Portland State University, MA in Education, Special Ed. Certification
At WHCS since 2001

   G – K top^
Godaert, Esther (Esther.Godaert@whcs.org)

Position: Instructional Aide
Background: Portland State University, BA in Linguistics
Portland State University, TESL Certificate
At WHCS since 2007

Goffe, Denise Denise.Goffe@whcs.org

Position: Director of Administrative Services
Background: Attended George Fox University
At WHCS since 1984

Golsan, Sara (Sara.Golsan@whcs.org)

Position: School NurseSchool Nurse Website
Background: Linfield College, BS in Nursing
At WHCS since 2011

dsc_0800Hahn, Philip (Philip.Hahn@whcs.org)Position: 7th-8th Grade Spanish
Background: North Central University, BS in Children’s Ministry. Southwestern Assemblies of God University, Pursuing MA in Elementary Education.
At WHCS since 2016
DSC_7619Hildenbrand, Jenner (Jenner.Hildenbrand@whcs.org)

Position: Recess
At WHCS since 2014

DSC_0868Hampton, Sarah (Sarah.Hampton@whcs.org)

Position: Educational Tutor
Background: George Fox University, BS Elementary/Midlevel Education
At WHCS since 2013

Hutchison, BriannaHutchison, Brianna (Brianna.Hutchison@whcs.org)

Position: 3rd Grade
Background: University of Oregon, BA Educational Studies. Minor Special Education. MA Education
At WHCS since 2015

Johnson, Christine (Christine.Johnson@whcs.org)

Position: 6th Grade
Background: Warner Pacific College, BA in Human Development and Family Studies, George Fox University, MA in Teaching
At WHCS since 2012

Johnson, Kendra (Kendra.Johnson@whcs.org)

Position: Kindergarten
Background: Cascade College, B.S.E. in Early Childhood and Elementary Education, Concordia University, MEd in Curriculum and Instruction, Reading Endorsement
At WHCS since 2014

Killian, Kevin (Kevin.Killian@whcs.org)

Position: 4th GradeClassroom site
Background: Portland State University BS in Biology, George Fox University MA in Teaching
At WHCS since 2009

Kotel, Rod (Rod.Kotel@whcs.org)

Position: Maintenance Supervisor
Background: University of Oregon, BA in Business Admin.
At WHCS from 2005-2011 and returned in 2013

Kuhns, Sally (Sally.Kuhns@whcs.org)

Position: Band DirectorBands Website
Background: New School of Music, BM in Music Performance
Northwest University, MM in Music Performance
Portland State University, M. Ed in Music Education
At WHCS since 2010

   L – O top^
Lammers, Amy (Amy.Lammers@whcs.org)

Position: Director of Finance
Background: Calvin College, BS in Accounting
At WHCS since 2007

Larson, Devyn (Devyn.Larson@whcs.org)

Position: Educational Technology DirectorComputer Lab Website
Background: Pacific Lutheran University, BA in History, Global Studies/Cultural Diversity
George Fox University, MA in Education
 At WHCS since 2009

Loiler, Doug (Doug.Loiler@whcs.org)

Position: Physical Education, Athletic Director
Athletics Website, 7th/8th Grade Supervisor
Background: Whitworth University, BA in Education
At WHCS since 2005

Maidment, KristinMaidment, Kristin (Kristin.Maidment@whcs.org)

Position: School Nurse, School Nurse Website
Background: Cottey College, A.A., Linfield College, BS in Nursing
At WHCS since 2015

marcum-dunjaMarcum, Dunja (Dunja.Marcum@whcs.org)

Position: Beginning Band Director
At WHCS since 2016

McDonald, CherylMcDonald, Cheryl (Cheryl.McDonald@whcs.org)

Position: After School Academy Lead
Background: Cal Poly University, BS in Foods and Nutrition
At WHCS since 2003-2007, 2015

DSC_7946McMahon, Amy (Amy.McMahon@whcs.org)

Position: Lunchroom and After School Care
Background: Washington State University, BS in Psychology
At WHCS since 2014

Meek, Lisa (Lisa.Meek@whcs.org)

Position: Copy Center
Background: Oregon Health Science University, BS in Nursing
At WHCS since 2013

Mickel, MeredithMickel, Meredith (Meredith.Mickel@whcs.org)

Position: 1st Grade
Background: Multnomah University, BA in Education, BA in Bible and Theology
At WHCS since 2013

Middleton, Ron (Ron.Middleton@whcs.org)

Position: 6th Grade
Background: Multnomah University, BA in Religious Education
George Fox University, MA in Teaching
At WHCS since 1999

Muramoto, Jennifer (Jennifer.Muramoto@whcs.org)

Position: Instructional Aide
Background: University of Toronto, BA in English Literature
At WHCS since 2007

DSC_7218Palau, Laney (Laney.palau@whcs.org)

Position: K-6th Grade Spanish
Background: University of Oregon, BA in Spanish
At WHCS since 2015

parker-marcyParker, Marcy (Marcy.Parker@whcs.org)

Position: Library Assistant
Background: Portland Community College, AA
At WHCS since 2009

Piedra, Kristy (Kristy.Piedra-Ellis@whcs.org)

Position: 2nd GradeClassroom Website
Background: Corban University, BA in Elementary Education
George Fox University, Fashion and Merchandising
At WHCS since 2006

Pitts, Gwyn (Gwyn.Pitts@whcs.org)

Position: Educational Tutor
Background: Evangel University, BA in Elementary Education
At WHCS since 2001

Porter, Sue (Sue.Porter@whcs.org)

Position: 4th Grade
Background: Whitworth College, BA in Home Economics and Elementary Education
At WHCS since 2000

Povolny, Susi (Susi.Povolny@whcs.org)

Position: 7th-8th Grade
Background: Bryn Mawr College, BA in German Language and Literature
State of Florida, Educator’s Certificate
At WHCS since 2007

Proulx, Sylvia (Sylvia.Proulx@whcs.org)

Position: 5th Grade,  Classroom Website
Background: University of Arizona, BA in Education
University of Arizona, MA in Education
At WHCS since 2010

Riedl, Aaron (Aaron.Riedl@whcs.org)

Position: 5th GradeClassroom Website
Background:Seattle Pacific University, BA in Biology and Sociology
Concordia University, MA in Teaching
At WHCS since 2012

Roberts, Carrie (Carrie.Roberts@whcs.org)

Position: Instructional Aide
Background: Attended University of Southern California
At WHCS in 2006-2007, 2013

Sheaffer, April (April.Sheaffer@whcs.org)

Position: Food Service Director
Background: University of Oregon, BA in Psychology
At WHCS since 2009

snodgrass-heatherSnodgrass, Heather (Heather.Snodgrass@whcs.org)

Position: Educational Tutor
Background: BS Elementary Education Western Baptist College (currently Corban University)
At WHCS since 2016

Stefan, Al (Al.Stefan@whcs.org)

Position: Principal
Background: Portland State University, BS in Physical Education
Portland State University, MS in Education, George Fox University, MA in Theology, State of Oregon, Licensed School Administrator
  At WHCS since 2005

Stefan, Charlene (Charlene.Stefan@whcs.org)

Position: Kindergarten
Background: Concordia University, BA in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education
At WHCS since 2005

stoner-debraStoner, Debra (Debra.Stoner@whcs.org)Position: Curriculum / Professional Development Director
Background: B.S. from Oregon State University, M.Ed. in Curriculum & Instruction from University of Oregon
At WHCS since 2016
Swain, Susan (Susan.Swain@whcs.org)

Position: Science Lab Director
Background: Northern Arizona University, BS in Elementary Education
At WHCS since 1998

Swanson, Clay (Clay.Swanson@whcs.org)

Position: Vice Principal
Background: Northwest Christian University, BA in Organizational Management, Colorado State University, MA in Business Administration
 At WHCS since 2002

Tae, Mary (Mary.Tae@whcs.org)

Position: Receptionist
Background: University of California Los Angeles, BA in Psychology
At WHCS since 2009

Walters, Chris (Chris.Walters@whcs.org)

Position: 1st Grade
Background: Cal Poly, BA in Early Childhood Education
At WHCS since 1993

Westerberg, Ann (Ann.Westerberg@whcs.org)

Position: Instructional Aide
Background: Wheaton College, BS, Loyola University, MA in Reading
At WHCS since 1994

Zumwalt, Lorraine (Lorraine.Zumwalt@whcs.org)

Position: School NurseSchool Nurse Website
Background: Oregon Health Science University, BS in Nursing
At WHCS since 2011