Frequently Asked Questions


We would love to answer any questions that you have personally, but here are a few that we get quite often. You are welcome to schedule an Educational Consultation to get additional questions answered.

1. What is the class size?

We have two classes per grade level.  Our classes range from 22 to 27 students on average, in spacious classrooms.  We utilize Instructional Aides to lower the teacher-to-student ratio in the K-6th grade classes.

2. Are the teachers certified?

West Hills Christian School classroom teachers are required to hold a state approved teacher certification credential. Many of our teachers also hold a teacher certification from ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International).   West Hills is committed to the professional development of its faculty with a focus on research-based practices for the most effective educational experience. Teachers are also provided an educational stipend each year to take continuing education classes and/or workshops. Since we are a Christian school, each staff person testifies to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ, agrees with our Faith Statement, and models to our students a healthy lifestyle based on the moral teachings of the New Testament.

3. Are parents required to volunteer?

No.  Parents are not required to volunteer; however, one of the greatest strengths of our school is our parents! They are very committed to what happens here on a day-to-day basis, and we are blessed by never lacking for volunteers.

4. Do you have After School Care?

Yes.  Our After School Academy is offered every school day from 3:00-5:30 pm. It is a structured program and is available for daily use or occasional use at an additional cost.

5. How do you handle discipline?

Our discipline system is based on our Knight’s Code: Responsible, Respectful, Honest, Safe, and Kind.  Our rules and procedures follow these five principles.  Our teachers and staff use these principles to interact with our students regarding decisions they make. Our staff has been trained in Love and Logic management techniques; which emphasize positive relationships between students and teachers, guiding students to own and solve their problems, applying empathy before consequences and bad news, and providing plenty of opportunities for students to practice decision-making.

6. What are the school hours and when can I drop off my child?

You may drop off your child as early as 7:45 in the morning, where two staff members will welcome your child and provide supervision, under the covered play area, before students head to their classrooms. The school day is 8:15-3:05.  Parents have until 3:30 to pick students up if they are not staying for After School Academy (ASA); otherwise, the students are sent to ASA, and parents will then have to pay a fee for that additional supervision.

7. My child is very advanced; is there a separate curriculum to keep him or her from getting bored?

We offer a rigorous and balanced curriculum that meets the needs of most of our students. Our teachers do differentiate lessons to challenge our high achievers to delve deeper into the subject matter.

8. Do you have a bus system?

No, but many of our families set up carpools to ease the driving.

9. When you pay tuition, are there extra fees not listed?

No. All substantial fees are indicated on our Tuition/Fee Information sheet.  There are incidental fees for the Hot Lunch Program, PE Uniforms (Grades 5-8), After School Clubs (participation is voluntary), Classroom Supply Lists purchases, etc.

10. What sports do you offer, and with whom do you compete?

Volleyball and basketball starting in 5th grade; track for 3rd-8th grade.  We compete with Catholic Youth Organization (CYO) and Metro Christian League (MCL).  A majority of our younger children participate in “Upward Bound”, a church/community sports program for young children, not affiliated with our school.

11. Is there a dress code?

Yes. It is a very child-friendly dress code and allows for individual expression.

12. What “Denomination” is West Hills?

West Hills is non-denominational and we have over 65 Christian churches represented in our school community.  It is important to understand that West Hills follows a conservative, evangelical perspective on Scripture, social issues, and Salvation.  While we do not take positions on doctrines that tend to separate our churches, we do adhere to our Faith Statement and the Scriptures as our foundational understanding of the world and our Christian duty.

You are always welcome to call our Admissions Director, with specific questions at 503-977-5509.