Grades 3-6

Our Grades 3-6 Grade program is based on the belief that a strong foundation for freedom and responsibility is established in these early years.


Project-Based, Experiential Learning

Our Grades 3-4 program offers students the opportunity to participate in many exciting projects throughout the year, from researching historical characters to portray in our Wax Museum Performance to understanding life on the Oregon Trail. Grade 5 students delve deeply into experiencing Egyptian and Medieval history. And, of course, outdoor school remains the ultimate experiential learning experience for our 6th graders. As you can see, West Hills Christian School students experience a wide variety of lessons, both in and out of the classroom. Students take a number of field trips to places such as Fort Vancouver, Tryon Creek State Park, and Fort Lewis, all to support what they are learning in the classroom.

Apply for a Place

Applications for Grades 3-6 begin in October. Placement will be determined by a number of factors; returning students will be accepted first, and then additional students. Sixth grade placement secures a place for the following years.

To learn more about WHCS, request an education consultation, a personal tour, or check out how to apply today.