Grades 7-8

Our 7th -8th Grade program is based on the belief that students at this age need both a strong academic foundation and trusted relationships with caring, Christian educators, who can help and support them in their transition from elementary to high school and beyond.

West Hills Christian School educators understand that these transitional years are all part of God’s plan in helping students grow into the men or women they will one day become. From electives designed for students to explore their God-given talents to the core academic classes of Science, English, Math, Social Studies, Computer and Bible, students have the opportunity to mature and progress in a safe and caring environment. Our 7th & 8th grades are large enough to offer quality programs, yet small enough that individuals do not get lost in the transition. Your student will always be more than just a number at West Hills Christian School! 7th & 8th grade students are enrolled on a joint decision based on the parent’s desire and the student’s desire. Agreement by the student to live by the West Hills Christian School Code of Conduct listed in the Parent/Student Handbook is required.


Academic Excellence

It is our goal to provide a daily integration of spiritual growth paired with academic excellence.  The core of the 7th & 8th grade academic program includes studies in English, world history, mathematics, modern language, physical education, computer sciences, Spanish and physical lab science. Frequent field trips, service-learning projects, and sports programs enhance the regular classroom experience.  Our rich and robust curriculum perfectly rounds out the 7th & 8th learning years and provides students with clear vision for future action.


Seventh and eighth grade students have the opportunity to select a number of electives that allow them to try out new skills and explore a subject for a trimester. Electives offered include rock climbing, art, photography, golf, logic games, and American Mythology, to name just a few.

Field Trips

Students take a variety of day field trips, starting with a day retreat to Eagle Fern Camp to support team building and friendship.  In the spring, our 7th graders partake in 5 days of day trips touring the sites of Oregon.  Washington D.C. is the grand finale for our 8th grade students where they spend eight fun-filled educational days learning about our wonderful country.

Apply for a Place

Applications for Grades 7-8 begin in October, and there is limited space available. Placement will be determined by a number of factors; returning students will be accepted first, and then additional students.

To learn more about WHCS, request an education consultation, a personal tour, or check out how to apply today.