Leadership & Board

The leadership and board at West Hills Christian School work to ensure a safe and secure environment for all children to thrive. This active leadership group works together to demonstrate Christian character and model the behavior of a life inspired by a dynamic faith in Christ to students, parents, and faculty.


Leadership Team

Al Stefan, Principal
Clay Swanson, Vice Principal
Britney DeLuca, Director of Admissions & Advancement
Sharon Fisk, Director of Academic Services
Denise Goffe, Director of Administrative Services
Amy Lammers, Director of Finance
Deb Stoner, Director of Curriculum / Professional Development

The West Hills Christian School Board has adopted a policy form of governance. This means the Board functions and acts as one for the purpose of establishing policies that will enable West Hills Christian School to achieve its established desirable ends and avoid results the Board considers unacceptable. It is the role of the Principal to lead the school. Board members perform their governance role only during a duly called meeting and have no authority, individual or corporate, outside of such duly called meetings. Issues related to the governing policies of the school should be presented to the Board through the Principal. Issues that are related to the daily activities and/or operation of the school are to be addressed with the Principal and/or the leadership team member most responsible for the area to be addressed.

Board of Directors

Chris McReynolds, President
Dale Fruehauf, Vice President
Matt Poindexter, Secretary
Drew Corrigan
Jeff Fagen
Dave Squire
Tony Wilson
Liz Wong
Tracy Zell