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Welcome New Families!

Guardian Angels

A group of parent volunteers who connect with new families to welcome them to the school and help them feel a part of the community. To find out more about the program, contact Shelley Curvy or Valerie Bowler at :


Instructions for new parents on how to create a Parent RenWeb Account
See: How-To-Guide


We love your children and at West Hills Christian School we seek to provide a safe environment for them. We would like to enlist your help during morning carpool drop-off time by asking you to be sure to drop your students off in the carpool line well before the school day begins at 8:15am. Students are dismissed from the undercover play area and go into the building approximately 5-10 minutes before the school day begins. Except for during carpool time, our gate to the track is closed/locked during the school year. In addition, all outer perimeter doors are closed and locked year round. During the school year, students arriving between 8:15-8:30am are considered tardy and must be signed in by a parent at the Late Start area to the side of the gymnasiums (Thursdays are 9:15-9:30am).  Please park, accompany your child to the Late Start area and sign them in safely with the attending staff member. They will be given a late slip to give to their teacher.   Thank you for assisting us to help your child(ren) be safe while they are on our campus!