Support Staff

West Hills Christian School is blessed with an amazing support staff!  Together, this staff demonstrates strong Christian character and commitment to students, parents and faculty.



The wonderful on-site nurses care for our children on a daily basis. From running noses to bumps and bruises, children are always greeted with a warm smiling face and someone they know will care for their needs.

Media Center

On-site copy, classroom materials and supplies, the staff of the media center collaborates with teachers to provide teaching tools necessary for each class.

Hot Lunch

Feeding busy children every day, the lunch room staff works hard to oversee the lunch time for each grade kindergarten through 8th grade.


Maintenance and security are critical to the upkeep of the school. Together, along with students and staff, the school is well cared for by those in charge of maintenance.

And all the additional support that it takes to run a school! We love our support staff!