Transfer Students

Welcome Transfer Students!

West Hills provides a unique opportunity to students and families who wish to enroll a student mid-year, at any grade level. It is our desire to help make the transition as smooth as possible, reducing the level of anxiety for both student and parent alike.
We begin the process by encouraging families to come for a tour during the school day.  This serves to help you and your child see the school in action and also provides you with a strong perception as to whether West Hills might be a good fit for your family.

We also offer students in grades 4-8 the opportunity to “shadow” at school for a few hours, connecting your child with one of our “student ambassadors” to be a guide and companion.  The ambassador will be in the same grade level and be the same gender as your child so that he or she can feel an instant connection to the class.  Our teachers will be prepared with a space for your child to sit right next to the ambassador.  Your child will begin to quickly feel the love and acceptance we all experience here at West Hills.

Mr. Stefan, our Principal, is also available to meet with you and your student and to answer any questions about our program.  This is a great opportunity to hear about the heart and mission of our school.

Our final step to help make sure your child is beginning school with the best possible opportunity for success is to set up an appointment for your child to take an academic assessment. The Norris Educational Achievement Test (NEAT) will be administered by one of our caring and trained tutors, and usually takes between 30 and 45 minutes to complete. The Norris Educational Achievement Test is designed to measure basic academic skills-readiness, word recognition, spelling, arithmetic, oral reading, comprehension, and written language, for children from pre-school to grade 12. We then can utilize this assessment, along with recommendations from a current teacher, to find the best placement for your child.

Each year we add new students into our school community. In each case, we have found that these new students quickly realize the love and acceptance that thrives at West Hills. We encourage you to see if your family can find a school “home” with us today!

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