Tuition/Financial Aid



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2016-2017 Tuition Schedule

Grade New Student Application Fee Registration Fee
(per student)
Oldest Student Monthly 2nd Student Monthly 3rd Student Monthly
K ½ day 75.00 175.00 4,578.00 457.80 3,433.50 343.35 3,204.60 320.46
K Full day 75.00 175.00 5,745.00 574.50 4,308.75 430.88 4,021.50 402.15
1st – 5th 75.00 175.00 7,298.00 729.80 5,473.50 547.35 5,108.60 510.86
6th – 8th 75.00 175.00 7,680.00 768.00 5,760.00 576.00 5,376.00 537.60

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Financial Aid

Some families that are called to a Christian education need a little help with this investment in the life of their child.  West Hills Christian School offers need-based scholarships to those who qualify.  We use a third party service, Smart Aid, to evaluate our financial aid applicants and recommend a scholarship amount.  If financial aid would open a door for you, we encourage you to apply here.  You will be asked to set up an account with SmartAid.  After entering a username and password, please check your email for a verification link before logging onto the site.  Additional instructions on how to apply can be found here.

Please complete your application as soon as possible (no later than April 1) so that we may have time to evaluate and allocate scholarship funds.  We also ask that new families apply for enrollment before beginning the financial aid application process.  

If you would like to give to our scholarship fund, please do so here, and select Scholarships under designation.  We would love to partner with you in helping another family.

Direct questions to Britney DeLuca at 503-245-6688 or