Dear Prospective Parent and Student:

West Hills Christian School is a faith-based institution that is committed to an exceptional Christian education that prepares our students for a college preparatory high school. We provide students with a challenging and high academic environment where one has the opportunity to grow to his or her potential.

As an educational community, our desire for each student and parent is:

  • to to grow in their personal faith in Jesus Christ
  • to respect the diversity of thought and culture in our learning community
  • to be motivated to stretch themselves in a high academic environment
  • to believe that we grow as individuals through collaborative endeavors
  • to be purposed to transforming our world through acts of service
  • to build relationships upon the principles of respect and personal responsibility

If this type of a faith-based, educational environment is what you and your child are seeking, then we encourage you to contact our admissions office and explore the next steps toward enrollment.  This journey will require some work on your part, prior to our consideration of placement.  Since our desire is to admit candidates who will thrive when challenged academically, students are considered for acceptance once all required forms are submitted, an entrance assessment has been completed with one of our staff, and records have been reviewed. 

Thank you again for your interest in West Hills Christian School.  As a service to the community, our Principal offers an Educational Consultation to help you with your decision in choosing the school that best fits your child’s learning abilities and your family’s values.